Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Pioneer talks about "Go Green"

A piece of news. 
On the 14th of May'10 " The Pioneer" carried an article featuring workshops with a difference. And the "Go Green" workshop was one of them. If you missed my post on the Go Green workshop, click here

Here are some excerpts from the article. 

"Painting, cooking, acting and dancing classes as summer activity for the kids are now a passé.....
....Besides taking care of their spiritual and mental health, there are also workshops like recyclable craft, identifying energy saving devices and creating eco-friendly products that make kids aware of the environmental concerns and teach them how they can contribute to improving the situation.

‘Go Green’, a workshop by Purplehomes will have a session ‘Trash to Treasures’ where the kids will be made to connect with the earth. It will be held at Select City walk mall from June 21 to 27. “In ‘Trash to Treasures’, recycling crafts session we will encourage kids to appreciate the need of recycling. Children are very sensitive and what can be better than teach them the importance of reducing and recycling waste at a stage when their minds can be mould better,” says Prachi Grover of Purplehomes. 

During the workshops, kids will be taught how to turn empty tin cans and bottles into lovely lanterns and lamps, old newspapers and magazines into junk art for the room, tapes and CDs into coasters, broken cups and saucers set into cheerful pen stands, old utensils into wall clocks and other trash into sun-catchers for your windows, planters et al. 

“Kids will learn to give waste material a new lease of life and create treasures out of it. Not only will we help them create little pretty somethings out of them but also help in making the earth greener. Most of the children as well as adults are in the habit of buying new things and throwing out the old thereby creating environmental hazards. We will spend time ideating about what can one do with all the old stuff lying around the house and turn the same into lovely décor or utility items,” adds Grover. "

To read the full article click HERE

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Pooja said...

Wow... this is so nice and different. Please conduct something like this in Bangalore after 2 years... so that Aryan can attend ;)

Aneela Z said...

one more reason for me to move to delhi!!

purplehomes said...

Pooja : he he..sure sure

Aneela: Come come...i am waiting!!!