Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Go Green : A Workshop by purplehomes

Alright...I am back with another workshop. You know my love for recycling the old into new, a new that looks fresh and is CREATIVE and CHIC. And you know how fond I am of flowers. The two come together this time!

The workshop is in association with Select CityWalk, Saket, New Delhi. Infact its part of their wonderful initiative called " Kids Summerville". Its a summercamp for children and spread over a month. There are going to be loads & loads of fabulous workshops. There is a Barry John acting workshop for all you aspiring actors, for the animal lovers Youth for Animal is putting together a session, Jazz and Hip Hop by Choreotheque, puppetry by Katkatta and many many more! 

And finally there is yours truly purplehomes bringing to you a seven day workshop called "Go Green".

Kids Summerville

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Go Green is an attempt to connect the children with the earth in two ways:

Trash to treasures: A recycling crafts session that will help them appreciate the need for recycling. Children are very sensitive and what can be better than teaching them the importance of reduce, reuse and recycle at a stage when we can mould their minds. And ofcourse encourage them to think out of the box!

Summer’s first flowers: A flower-making crafts session that also aims at bringing children close to nature. Plants, flowers & greenery; we are so removed from all of them in our cities. Creating their own paper gardens will help them develop an interest for the real thing.

And NO this is NOT one of those SUPW classes :) Its all about creating trendy art, a lot of class and going Eco Chic!!!

Course outline: Trash to Treasures

Empty tin cans & bottles, old newspapers & magazines, tapes & cds that are not in use, broken cups & saucers set. This sure looks like a list of things that each one of us can identify with! Let’s give each of these a new life and create treasures out of trash. Not only will we create little pretty somethings out of them but also help in making the earth greener!

Lovely Coasters, Junk art for your room, Cheerful Pen stands, Sun-catchers for your windows, Planters. Innovative wall clocks and lamps are just some of the things that we will be making at this workshop.

Course outline: Summer’s first flowers

Hot summers are here! And they are here to stay! Lets make them bright by creating an entire garden inside our homes with dainty handcrafted flowers. Flowers always make a room so much happier. And with these craft flowers one can do so much more. Create a brooch for yourself or for a friend, a little bouquet for your room, a tablemat ring for that party, mix them with fresh flowers to add that extra zing and a lot more!

We will learn how to make flowers with paper, stockings, ribbons and many many more things and make brooches, bracelets, plant them in pretty pots, and use them on gift boxes! Wonderful isn’t it?

During these seven days we will also spend time ideating about what can one do with all the old stuff lying around the house and turn it into lovely d├ęcor or utility items.

Other important details :

Age groups:  5 to 7  years & 13 to 18 years ( And ofcourse the course content will be different for both the groups)
Dates: 21st to 27th June'10
Timings: 1500-1700 hours for the younger children & 1730 -1930 for the teens
Fees: Rs.4000. This includes all the material that will be required in the seven days and you get to take what you make!!!

Email me if you need anymore details and to register. Also if you'd like the calendar to be mailed to you.

And hurry up as there are  limited seats!

Images : Newsletter circulated by Select Citywalk.

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