Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Color Crush : Turquoise

Seems like I have a crush on turquoise this month. I feel so refreshed just being around things of this color. And these pictures are really inspiring me to paint some stuff around the house in turquoise. So what are you feeling today? Red, Blue or Green? 

Ah! Show me a girl who wouldn't want this bicycle (ofcourse with the wicker basket!) or the pretty dress above? I am also loving the vintage radio set.

Turquoise and the rusty brown...hmm.I like it! A simple pot and a distressed wall to match it! Or how about some creative wallart? Isn't it really cute? 

Do I need to say it? I am feeling all vintage-y. Just look at the typewriter and the suitcase...GORGEOUS! 
And that lovely drawer with those exquisite shells and pebbles. pretty.pretty.

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psst : I got my issue of GHK yesterday evening and guess what! I was pleasantly SURPRISED to see the same room that I had featured here in April...my dream room in their May issue! And the very same idea. Talk about design co-incidences :)

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