Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We are running out of space!

I SO very badly need to use all the wall space that we have in the house to store books. We've really run out of bookcases.Also the little one is very busy exploring the house these days, she loves the dresser and bookracks specifically. So we are currently reorganizing everything below the height of 71 cms! And will be doing that continuously for many many cms to come;)

My hunt for some ideas threw up some very interesting images that I am sharing with you.

I am really liking the use of branches for a shelf. Though how much weight will the real branch be able to bear is debatable. Which is where the branch imitation on the left comes in. Pretty and Practical.
I also like this zig zag bookshelf which makes quite a statement, art on wall. I am also liking this very simple shelf with the triangular bookends which make it so interesting. And how cute is this book annotation! 

A tree inside my home! Perfect for a child's room. And the right one, a complete contrast to the left but using the good old tree again. Perfect for any library or a den!

Completely smitten by this dainty-curvy-pretty bookshelf. And my favorite on the right. Love the rustic look.

Had to share this crazy & cute book seesaw!

So which one do you like? Just look at these animals walking in and walking out of the books. Superb! I am definitely going to twist this idea and shamelessly steal it ;) How do you like your bookshelves to look? Do you like them organized by author/subject or you color coordinate your books too? Do you like only books to make a statement on the shelf or do you like to keep pretty knick knacks to complete the look? 

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Aneela Z said...

my books are organized by author..and then by hard cover and paper backs. the book shelves are also organized acc to serious stuff to do with work, fiction and a smaller shelf in the spare room with all my jazbatee novels. Lately I have to keep the lower shelves empty as the Crawling Creature is pulling them out and pouring water on them or tearing up pages sigh. I would suggest keeping DVDs as decoys as he is distracted by them and lets the books be.

Aneela Z said...

p.s ...yes in my melbourne home and my book shelves there Ive strung all the small pouches, beads, book marks from the sides...and the small plates, colorful stones one collects, my grandfathers` service medals..

Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

loved the rustic one

Pooja said...


I just loved the tree. Its so pretty :)

purplehomes said...

Aneela : The crawling creature at my my home has figured out how to open dvd cases as well ;) I like the bit bout your jazbaati novels

Lakshmi : Its my fav too

Pooja : Will look so cute in the kids' room , no?

Aneela Z said...

yes arhaan opens up dvd cases and spins around the dvds as well but yara "one has to choose one's battles" most of these DVDS are the 150 rupees kinds and they have to be the "balee ka bakra" so my books live to see another day!!!