Friday, February 26, 2010

Colorful Interiors

Yes! I am aware to use SO many colors in a room is a SIN! But the spirit of Holi ( Festival of Colors) which happens to fall on the 1st of March this year had me hunting for really colorful rooms. And each one looks drop-dead gorgeous! So all you lovely readers out there, if you are color crazy and want to experiment with more than three colors in a room/corner, I say go right out and do it!

This orange staircase and the flowery wall sure looks lovely!

Don't miss the magnificent chair and the yellow door and the window railing

Now this one sure is a little over the top for me but has great ideas that one can definitely explore. I quite like the colorful wallart and the ceiling.

Without any doubt my favorite! I like how the white balances the countless colors in the room. I love the colorful lanterns. I so so love the plush cushions! And the big umbrella! And the dainty tea-set! And of course the carpet and the art on the wall. In short, i heart this room;)

Images : The room with : a Staircase, an Antique Chair, Wall art & my fav!


Aneela Z said...

very spanish no? very impressive. I realise its a fine line between Decor Dehati and the balanced colors we see here so one has to tread carefully. I wish I knew the Rules so our attempt doesnt look too Bunty Bubbly.

Pooja said...

Wow... can't wait for holi to come. I liked third picture the most (except the flower on wall and ceiling). I really liked how they used bright colored sofa and carpet. I wish I could use such bold colors for my house too.

Sharon Colaco D'Souza said...

I totally agree with Aneela - there's a fine line between making this look haha Bunty Babli? and come out just right:)

Great post - got me thinking:)

Patricia Torres said...

Awesome post.. but I guess for such ambitious colours .. one should have a large space!! I dont know how this would look in a smaller place..

But I love the post.. and love the use of colours..

Like your new header!

Sonia said... much colour yet so beautiful!