Friday, January 15, 2010

Dressing up White tableware : Aneela

Do you remember I shared some ideas on using white china ? Don't? Well someone did..and that someone actually mailed the following pics to a friend so that she could mail it across to me ;) Isn't that super sweet?

Aneela recently hosted a dinner and dressed up her white tableware. I love the beige-cream against the white plates. I really like the dry floral stuff that she has used and also the fact the each plate has a different one on it...kind of makes it very cute ;)

Thanks Aneela for sharing it with us.

p.s. Don't miss the coasters and the lovely bowl with the candles ;)

Images : Aneela's


Patricia Torres said...

Impressive coasters... Love white table ware.. and the napkins.. and candles.. give it such character.. LOVELY..

Aneela Z said...

hey i dont think my dinner table was blogworthy ...just wanted to let you know that we do watch (and learn) from your blog. I had inherited the white china courtesy our serviced apartment, and wanted to dress it up and the ugly table taking pointers from your blog.
P.S: The coasters are from the Bombay Store if you are interested.

purplehomes said...

Patricia : Yup, the coasters are lovely, Aneela tells me they are from the Bombay Store. So anytime you are visitin this side of the world, do check out the store...its nice

Aneela : This blog is mine, i decide whats blog worthy ;) And i say your dinner table is ;) Also wanted to thank you for the other pictures that you mailed across. Glad my blog is helping everyone dig into their creative sides ;)

Anonymous said...

Very Interesting!
Thank You!