Monday, October 12, 2009

Urlis...not just one!!

Come Diwali...and all of us start thinking of urlis we want to buy and flowers and candles we'd like to float in them. They are just so versatile and always add that special touch to our homes...festivals or otherwise.

So, when i came across this oh-so-very-gorgeous brass urlis in so many different sizes (Just see the biggest one..whoa!!), chained to this warm golden yellow garden wall, i just had to share this with you.

What a lovely idea!! Who says urlis are only for festivals ???

psst : Don't miss the intricate jaliwork window in the picture

Image : wilstonehouseandgardens


Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

Very nice find,purple homes.I am Lakshmi form "celebrationsdecor"

Patricia Torres said...

wow.. wow.. wow... what a fab find.. thanks for sharing this!!

so pretty.. amazing how they've made use of the urlis..

Love the window... wish I had one like that..

purplehomes said...

Lakshmi : Thanks for droppin by
Patricia : I know what a great have a garden like this!!!

Devi said...

really nice