Thursday, October 8, 2009

How GORGEOUS are these ?

Aren't these rooms by Meg Braff simply gorgeous? And yet so very calm. I am loving these numerous shades of soft blues.

Prints and stripes do look so pretty together !!

Check out those lovely printed cushions and how the green complements the blue so beautifully...
This is definitely my favorite...i love this delicate shade of blue and the huge vase on the table and the white furniture and the baby pink throw...wouldn't it be lovely to hide in here during summers?

Images : Housebeautiful


Aneela Z said...

and the sweater and shawl "casually" thrown on the bed, ghazab.
p.s: i would willingly hide away in this room but where does one "keep" the posseting bub? spit up carrots just dont go with the room decor eh?

purplehomes said...

Aneela : Ha true...whites have decided to leave my home least till the lil monster grows up...n yes so has all the glass stuff ;))