Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tablescapes with White China

Housebeautiful recently did this exercise, where they asked 15 designers to put together tablescapes using the old favorite white tableware which almost everyone has ( except me i think !!) Here are five of my favorite ones...one can definitely use some of the clever ideas from here at home...to see more hop to housebeautiful.

I like this because of the use of old books and doilies...so pretty

Ah...white and deep red...what art!!
And the overflowing silver bowl of fruits is what makes the tablescape so warm and inviting...don't you agree?

This one has to be my favorite...so casual and so me...
a solid wooden tray, a rolled up newspaper with that toad napkin ring, lots of fresh fruits, a french press and a good morning note...
someone get me breakfast in bed NOW!!

I am not a huge fan of antique stuff..but i definitely like mixing the old with the new...
the white crockery with the antique pewter stuff looks wow

White and silver and gold..how can one go wrong?

Do you have any tablescapes pics with white tableware...do share them here ;)

Images : Housebeautiful


Aneela Z said...

someone gifted me white tableware...it remained in its box as (and i swear its not a pun) it was flatter than the flatware...your post has given me some ideas. will email you the pics when my whereabouts are more melbourne abouts!!

Patricia Torres said...

ha ha... so true.. everyone has white!! I have some gifted to me.. lying in a box.. I just cannot seem to do white!!! My regular plates are orange & blue... so moving from there to white.. is a bit of a shock..

But this post is lovely.. so maybe this Christmas I'll bring out the white..

Parul said...

Can you make white pottery tableware? Then it would be quite exclusive, no? Just saying - I am most impressed that you make your own crockery and stuff!

Kanika Bahl said...

Hey Prachi!

you know i'm soon to be married and so i'm also super excited about setting up new home..i have always loved white china and table ware and now i'm super sure i want it for my house!

thanks for sharing!

purplehomes said...

Aneela : waiting for your pics...do mail once settled at mel ;) flatter than flatware...he he

Patricia : Poor white tableware...seems like all of us are keeping them locked in boxes...i say take them out ;)

Parul : Thanks sweets...white no..cream i have made some...let me post some snaps of those for you

Kanika : I know! i know!how are the preparations coming along? friends and family are you listenin...the bride wants white china

The Style Sister said...

Love white placesettings. I came across your blog today. I am doing a giveaway on my blog and you might like the napking rings. A set of 12 in either red or white berry wreath. Stop on by and take a peek.


purplehomes said...

Karin : Thanks for dropping by..i hope to see you here often ;)) Will drop by your blog for sure...

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