Thursday, October 22, 2009

In my mother's kitchen

Last weekend I picked up this book called “In My Mother's Kitchen" and i finished it in one go. I just loved it. It’s a collection of essays, poems and recipes from loads of food writers and chefs. It’s a book where they talk about Family, Love and Cooking...need I say more...of course I had to love it!!!

It’s beautiful the way the writers explore their relationship with their mothers (in some cases with their grandmothers, aunts and children), kitchen being the common theme.

It reminded me so much of the beautiful moments I spent with my mom, in her kitchen...troubling her time and again with “Is dinner ready?”…chopping up stuff for her while she cooked absolutely divine stuff for us...waiting eagerly for weekends when she would make special brunches for all of us...spending hours looking at her cake books with dreamy eyes…but the memory that stands out the most, is of me waiting for her to put the cake batter in the oven and she handing me over the pan in which she had whisked the batter...I would lick it clean with my fingers ;) Till today I do this...yes with my fingers…there...I have admitted it here in front of everyone!!

I think spending time with her in the kitchen and seeing her make all those yummy goodies...that’s where began my love affair with food...I remember those days just after passing out of the B-School, I had just started living alone in Bangalore and I would often call up mom to ask her for instructions for making even rice and dal ;) Now years later I still depend on her for so many things and what feels wonderful is that at times she calls me asking me for my recipes ;) Today, we cook very differently but still love each others creations and even till this date whenever she cooks any of my favorite things she makes it a point to send me the same before she leaves for of the pleasures of having mom living very close by ;)

I am really really hoping that someday my little daughter and I share the same wonderful relation...and together we bake lots of cakes and cookies, simmer lots of stews and make lots of casseroles...

p.s. Just look at the cutie pie on the cover...;) Must read for people who can't think beyond feeding their loved ones...

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