Saturday, August 15, 2009

Perfect for decor and function

Slates or chalk boards…I have always had a fondness for them. They remind me of the great time I had at school. I can write, wipe and re-write my thoughts and my numerous “to-do lists” on them (I am the queen of to-do lists if I may say so). I love the smell of chalk. And in these days of smses and emails they take me back to the lovely old world of handwritten notes.

So when chalkboards and décor come together its only natural for me to get excited. I came across these here.

Slate cheeseboard...Chalk and Cheese...oops Wine and Cheese, anyone?

Chalkboard vases, tall one for kitchen stuff and the cutie round one for flowers

Vintage slate chalkboard for those never ending shopping lists

Tabletop Chalkboard, just right for leaving messages or may be a doodle

All images from the site


anonymous said...

i would love to get one of these...where do you find all this lovely stuff?

anonymous said...

hey...i would love to have one of these. btw, where do u find all this lovely stuff?

purplehomes said...

Anonymous : ya its gorgeous isn't it ;)you could buy simple slates n get them framed if u can't find them in your area. Or try the link that i have mentioned, vivaterra.

Thanks for droppin by.