Monday, August 3, 2009

Can "Waste" ever look so gorgeous?

I came across this exceptionally talented designer on one of my favorite sites, Droog. And that led me to his website. Jens Praet. He is a really young designer who has just started out and his work has already been exhibited at Droog, Design, Pantaloon Osaka, Galleria Cardi Milano, Rocca Paolina Perugia, Via Milano Amsterdam, Eat Drink Design Eindhoven, etc.

"Jens’ works range from pure products to graphic related designs with the main goal to create objects that have never been seen before. Jens has a passion for everyday objects and materials and the combination of old and new. He finds inspiration in unexpected details and daily issues which become often the starting-point in his designs".

I fell in love with his Shredded paper collection. He says on his website, "For the last thirty years we have heard about the recycling of waste... Waste is usually strongly linked with pollution and to often the term waste implies things which have been used inefficiently or inappropriately. So how can we make this abstract concept a reality? I was so shocked about the enormous office waste and amount of shredded documents, that I wanted to react to this by reusing those documents and to transform them into a usefull object with a new dignity".

Enjoy his work!

The Designer : Jens Praet

Shredded Paper Storage, created by using shredded confidential documents & black resin

One day paper waste little cabinet with the strength of wood

My favorite, "one day paper waste" little table/ console

Images via his website


TheKeyBunch said...

ooh love the "one day waste paper"ones. Thanks for sharing, I am off to his website:)


purplehomes said...

Sharon : What a novel idea, isn't it? Imagine being able to do this at each of our offices ;)