Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I came across these spectacular metal sculptures made by Joe Pogan. This wonderful artist has studied art and welding at college and brings his two talents together by creating animal sculptures for which he uses “found metal” objects (Hmm…I would like to call them scraptures instead). What a brilliant concept to use all that is considered waste and transforming them into Art. For these sculptures he uses old watches, nuts, bolts, metals tags. He starts with welding the basic frame and then starts filling the frame by welding one object at a time.

Imagine having one of these pieces at home, and the joy of discovering what all it contains. He does special orders of fish sculptures. You can see his work at www.joepogan.com and contact him at pogan@msn.com


Bibbi said...

These are gorgeous!
What happened with the mural piece from the workshop, did you put it together yet?
All the best; Bibbi

Anonymous said...

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