Monday, February 11, 2008

Gimme Red !!!

Come Valentines' week, all that you can see around is Red hearts and Red roses, some more Red hearts and some more Red roses. This year luckily I have been spared this nauseating sight since I happen to be at home most of the time. Don’t take me wrong I totally believe in the concept of celebrating love but not Archies or Hallmark Love.

Since there is so much Red around, I thought let me do a post on some of my favorite Red images. When I think of Red, I can see juicy cherry tomatoes, lots of yummy cherries & strawberries, a glass of red wine, my gorgeous red bridal lehenga, shocking red lipper which some women can carry off so beautifully..the list is endless… what do u see when you think Red?

Images from the net. The last one is my favorite;)



Hey there, thought I'd drop in and say hi :) Found you via Bibbi's blog and then found you everywhere :)

purplehomes said...

Masala Chai : Hey, thanks for droppin keep visiting purplehomes;)