Monday, December 3, 2007

Weighty Matters

Lately I have been very fascinated by this object called a paper weight;) May be it’s got to do with the tons and tons of loose papers lying at my studio. I consider myself a very organized person and have been often asked to take it easy at least sometimes. But then there are times when some papers don’t fall into any category so you cant really file them or you need them so often that you might as well leave them on the table. The paperweight comes in handy then ;)

I absolutely detest those clear glass paperweights with those artificial swirling flowers at the centre (The ones that you find at almost all government offices;)) so I decided to do a creative paperweight round up for all of us since these days now one seems to be using it anymore (There are approximately 20,000 paperweight collectors worldwide). Also I think, anything, absolutely anything at home can serve as a paperweight hence the challenge is to create an artistic piece yourself rather than just have a store bought functional paperweight Enjoy!!
Row wise : From left to right

Magnetic Ball: I love the round shape, the color and the fact that it can be even used to hold clips. Unfortunately I don’t know who the designer is.

Rock Solid Cow: Simple. Designed in clay by the cowdepot, this bovine will sit patiently on your table. I just love the look on its face.

Star: Absolutely modern and sleek. I like this one for its simple design.Its a product of poetrystudio and they even engrave your message on it.

Sheet Music: This is my favorite paperweight. It’s so artistic. It has been designed by Maria Kalman. I just love the crumpled paper look. Please do visit her website to see variations of the same.

Help: This has been designed by an Indian designer Arun Verma. I feel really proud to show this to you. He creates these gorgeous scraptures from scraps (as you must have guessed). I have had the opportunity to see his work and I can vouch that all his pieces are stunning. I promise to cover his work and more about him very soon.

Gold Nuggets: "We liked this idea of being so rich you can just leave a huge gold nugget on your desk without caring," says Jean Sebastien Ides, a co-founder of Atypyk with his fellow designer Ivan Duval in 1999. I like the idea too;) These are made by applying thin gold sheets on rocks picked from the western coast of France.

Roulette paperweight: Its an European style wheel with only the single “0. The designer paperweight can help you kill your hours at work. "Spin the wheel" they say, "if you lose you do some work and if you win, you leave early".

Wheel of Choices: This aluminium paperweight helps you take decisions in life ;) It answers you with a yes, no, reorganize, today, may be, tomorrow and two of my favorite choices "sit on it" or "pass the buck"..ha ha. I found this on uncommongoods.

Pewter: It's from the favorstudio. It is a pewter heart paperweight. It has this adorable red enameled heart inside a silver pewter square box. A perfect gift on valentine’s or weddings.

P.S. Some white rocks painted and coated with lacquer can make lovely paperweights. Do try them.


Parul said...

Tagging you in my latest post!

Unknown said...

I loved your post on paper weights and want to share some lovely paper weights that I made of rocks. You can
check them out on my blog under the post named cravings.