Thursday, November 29, 2007

Designer : Asli Bohane

This post is the first in the series of designers that I had promised you guys.

Product and Furniture Designer: Asli Bohane
Yesterday’s post carried her Urban Flower Tray. French designer Asli has a very interesting history. She was in the banking industry and was designing purely for self. Soon,she started working on private commissions and before she knew she was designing products and furniture fulltime (In 2000, she left her banking job and studied design at the London Metropolitan University). She designs under the label Empty Me Ltd. at London.

Her Work: She designs tableware and outdoor eating products and merchandise for infants and children. You can see her complete range at .What I love about her designs is that she creates great looking products which are extremely functional. It is a quite challenge to combine aesthetics, creativity and convenience.
From the right (Clockwise) : Fridge Magnets, Changing Bags,Picnic Bags, Urban Flower tray
All images are from her website
Her products for children like the Sleepover bag is designed such that the kid can wear it across her shoulder and chest and even have embroidered pockets to help her remember pack everything needed!Other products like the changing bag for mothers and picnic bags are also multipurpose. They can all be unzipped into changing mats/ rugs when required (The Changing Bag received the ‘highly commended Gift of the Year 2005’ in the fashion accessories category by the Gift Association).Tablecloths have weights hanging at the all the four corners to hold the tablecloth down while one is outside. When indoors, the weights can be used as fridge magnets.

What is truly inspiring is her journey from a banking career to designing. Just goes to show that if you are passionate about something, you must follow your heart and put in your best and results will follow;)


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