Wednesday, May 15, 2013

May Fetish.

Driftwood. Yes, that is my fetish of the month. Its been a while that we've had any fetish posts around here. I have in the past enjoyed putting it together and plan to go back to sharing it with all of you.

So here goes. I love the natural look and the interesting rough texture it has. It is like bringing a little bit of the outdoors into your home.
 You could just bundle a lot of these in a vase or a pretty basket. 
Or show off a single piece.
 Thread them together to make a picture holder or a hang your sparkly baubles or a bag or two.
Why only baubles? How about creating a wreath, a Christmas tree and a star or two.
On string them all together and pair them with beads or wall pendants. 
My favorite has to be the one here...for scribbling words that will inspire me.
 For those who want to challenge their creativity how about making a lamp or using it as base for a table. Drool.
Or use it for your tea lights and your greens. Genius.
Want to make something quick and simple. Introduce some shells.
Mono is boring, is it? How about painting it? 
Just look at these driftwood houses. Instant Love.
Or turn into a pretty boat. 
Will always remind you of the beach from where you picked it.
So which of these is your favorite? 
Do share how you brought driftwood into your homes.

Hope you are having a lovely week.

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Priti said...

Some really nice ideas over here Prachi...lovely post....I love images with strings pairing them as wall hangings... :)

Richa said...

SO beautiful all of these! Love the sea shell windchimes....