Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Paisley Love.

I love the paisley. Paisley is the English term what we call "butehi or ambi" in India. It resembles a rain drop actually more like a mango. I like to have them on my clothes,curtains, bedspreads, table linen, bags...well practically everywhere. One of these days I going to share my paisley love with all of you. 
But I don't have them on my wall. 

Like this.
 Or like this.
I love them both. One so understated and one bright and loud.Swoon.

I am more of let's go safe with white on the walls and let the artwork, cushions, trinkets, et al add color to my room type of person. Also I get bored easily so I like to constantly rotate things around the home. And committing my wall to any colour other than white stresses me out. 

What about you? Do you like to splash your walls with bold colours or like me you are the "let's go safe with white" types?

Images : here & here


Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

prachi at times,i change the colour of one of the walls..its just a palette for my photography.this time it will be something different:)-

Reshma at masalamangomantra.blogspot.com said...

OMG! The second one is totally me screaming all the way! Love it! Now if I can lay my hands and get the wall painted and the paisleys in tow, I think one of my dreams would come true!

Aman Bansal said...

Amazing wall color pics with exciting designs.You look just fabulous in capturing images and creating new ideas.

Simran said...

I love love love paisleys too!! And am in the process of setting up and decorating my own place. But Am a little scared of doing up my walls in colours, would prefer to stick to the neutrals and add colour via accessories, furnishing. Tough decisions, man these!! Wonder what I am going to end up with!! :-|

Sarika Periwal said...

There was a time when I had paisley everywhere. On my scarves, Indian wear, bedspreads. Then came a day when I got too bored, and never found the love for it again. The wall looks great IMO. Understated and elegant.

purplehomes said...

Lakshmi : I love all of your photographs...colour or no colour. Love, Big Fan.

Reshma: Isn't it...drool!

Aman: Welcome to purplehomes:)

Simran:Totally agree, tough call. So many colours so many walls :) Good luck with decision making.

Sarika:True, that is what I liked about it too...