Thursday, April 18, 2013

And when I dance my feet are dreaming.

Sara has been obsessed with ballet for over two years now. It all started with these really pretty and cute pink ballet shoes that her aunt got for her. It has been over two years and the girl has not taken them off her feet.They are coming apart but there is no way I can convince her to adorn her feet with anything but them. Day and Night.Inside the home and outside too. 

When at home she is doing ballet (or cooking; her other love).When in the garden out to play, she chooses to practice ballet instead. We ONLY watch ballet dvds and she has to show ballet to her grandparents over skype too. Sometimes the ballet performances over skype are good fifteen minutes long:)
And now that we are doing up her new room here at Dubai I have been thinking of adding some ballet artwork to the artwork we have already have on her walls. 

And these illustrations are the ones that are inspiring me. At the moment I can't decide which ones do I like more for a little girl's room. Vintage or a modern take. Water colour or a pencil sketch in colour. Detailed or simple graphics. I like them all. But one thing is for sure the last one is totally cracking me up. 

Each time I look at this one it makes me smile. Infact Sara has a book which has an illustration very similar to this. How cute is that elephant! And don't miss there pointe shoes:) 

A cute pink pig giving a ballet performance will be adorable & fun in a little girl's room. What do you think? Oink Oink!

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Patricia Torres said...

such inspiring images!! Can't wait to see what you will be coming up with...

Vintage would look lovely for a slightly older child... for now.. something funky.. modern.. pretty... stunning... :) Tuff.. one!! :)

Geetha said...

I love Edgar Degas works. :-)