Saturday, February 16, 2013

GoodHomes bloggers bonding session.

My association with GoodHomes started in November 2011 when they talked about purplehomes in their magazine. And ever since the entire team of GoodHomes has been really really kind to me. .

Last month when they got in touch with me and asked if I was up for a Design bloggers bonding session and meeting their editor Ronitaa and her team, my answer was a big YES. How could I not be there? It wasuch a great opportunity to finally meet the people behind the much loved magazine and my fellow blogger friends.

The meet was organized at Shiros and it was so inspiring to just listen to everyone. Why each one entered the world of blogging and how they balance it with the hundred of other things they did each day:)

I met Bhavna & Rajee almost after two years. My absolute favorite photographer and fellow blogger Lakshmi was there too. And ofcourse I got the chance to meet and make some new friends ( Hi...PritiShalini, Misha)

Meeting Ronitaa and her wonderful team was awesome. It was an absolute pleasure getting to know them and connecting the dots between the print and the blogging world. Big thanks to all of you for having us over and spoiling us silly. 

Here are some snapshots from that afternoon. A big thanks also goes out to the team at Shiros for making our afternoon both yummy and memorable.

Images : GoodHomes & dodecals


Priti Singh said...

Every time I see these pictures, I feel so happy and glad to have met so wonderful bloggers and pretty ladies I always wanted to meet...thanks for the mentions and such a beautiful post Prachi...

Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

being in delhi,prachi,i must say should have met years back:)-now that you are going away..makes me miss you lakshmi

Esha Gupta said...

Hahaha I recognize Priti in the pictures! Nice pictures!