Friday, November 16, 2012

Recovering from my sister's wedding and more

How are you doing? Ahem...I have been vanishing every now and then and I have my reasons people:))

I am still recovering from my wonderful little sister's wedding. Oh yes! Lil sis got married a couple of weeks back and If I am allowed to was the most beautiful wedding, really. We had such a great time planning every little bit of it and went crazy making sure it was all perfect right down to the last detail. And that was really exhausting:)
The week she got married was such a lovely week. We were surrounded by all our loved ones;family and friends. We were not only celebrating and laughing and in general being happy but that week gave each one of us an opportunity to spend time with cousins and aunts and uncles we hadn't had the chance to meet and connect with in years. Late night coffee and gossip sessions, playing dress up all day and night, eating together...our smiles just wouldn't go away. 

It was the first time that Sara got to meet all of our extended family and be with her uncles and aunts. All of that week I had no idea who she was with, who was feeding her and who was playing with her...all of them were busy pampering her and were constantly around her that she barely had any time for her mum and dad. I feel so blessed and overwhelmed. Really.

Post wedding clean up and reorganizing the home and my sister's relocation kept us busy as well and then there was Diwali and the usual office work.

And I have to be honest even with all this excitement I missed being here and talking to all of you. Really sorry for being away for so long and making a little promise to be here with you.

Hope all of you are getting to spend time with your loved ones this festive season as well and are doing well.

I will see you on the other side of this week. Keep smiling and say hi to those cousins and uncles and aunts you grew up with and haven't spoken to in years:)


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Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

Good to have you back :) Congratulations on your sister's wedding!! Hope you had a lovely Diwali. hugs Anu