Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Colour Crush: All things glittery

That I am partial to the second half of the year is a known fact. How can I not be? Festivals, birthdays, anniversaries, picnics, awesome weather and this sister's wedding. I am over the moon. All of the above comes with loads of sparkly and glittery thing. The women in the house i.e my mum, my sis, my little one and me are loving much so that Sara has decided to get married! That girl sure loves bling:)

The men...well...they just don't seem to understand what iso exciting about glitter.
 Clutches, ribbons and clothes pegs! 
Now those will definitely take out of the boring from laundry..won't they?
 That shower curtain is a must:) 
 How can food not be a part of the glittery fest this winter...
cupcakes and macaroons....lovely.
I read somewhere "Glitter is for life not just for celebrations". How true is that? 
Make glitter a part of your life and keep sparkling and smiling:) I know, I will.

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