Monday, May 14, 2012

May Fetish!!!

Have was your weekend? Mine was full of time with friends and family and some tough decisions that I needed to take on the work front. But all in all; pretty peaceful.

Have you been enjoying the fetish posts on the window frame ( Last two posts here and here)

Today, I come to you with some more fab ideas.
Distressed window pane + mirror = simply gorgeous
Or just replace the door of your cupboard with it.
I am so drooling over this idea that I have already started hunting for a window pane ( Yes, I don't have one so I'll simply have to beg someone to give me theirs). The look is  so fresh and so so pretty. I would love to try out something like this in our living room and the best part is that the artwork can keep changing each time I want it to :)
Really cute! Love the butterflies. Dream big...oh yes...absolutely.

Or how about transforming it into a storage cum display for all your jewellery?

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Image :  1,2,3,4 & 5


Patricia Torres said...

Why do things always look so pretty in pictures?? If this was my home.. I'd think it was way too cluttered.. But.. in these pics.. I want my home looking like this as well..

Have a lovely May.. :-)

Pot-pourri da Karen said...

Hi! Your blog is so goog! Very much inspiration here!
I love these windows!
I upcycle an old one. I invite you to see it, at my blog.
Karen (from Brazil)