Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Fetish!

For almost a year I had something I called the "Fetish posts" at purplehomes. It was lovely gathering inspirational ideas and seeing the ordinary turn into a work of art. Now, I'd like to start them again and I am hoping you are going to enjoy going through them. 

To visit all the old fetish posts, go here.

This May I am loving window frames. And while doing my little research on using the old and worn ones creatively I came across tons and tons of ideas that I intend to share  with you all through the month.

The first one, today. 

Old Window frames = Charming picture displays.
I have a thing or two for wooden clips. 
Remember I used really tiny ones (Read the complete post here)
Really easy to put together and whats great is you can keep changing the pics as often as your heart wants to
Another very vintage kind of display. 
Love.Love.Love. A single enlarged picture.
Ofcourse one can use it like a regular grid kind of a photograph frame. 
An interesting take on the above idea; the knobs give it a dual purpose.
Do come back for lots more that you can do with a window frame next week :)

Image :  1,2,3,4  & 5

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Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

This is absolutely adorable!!! Would love to try this.