Thursday, March 29, 2012

Celebrating Colours : Flower Confetti

Each Friday I get fresh flowers from the market for our home. I like to have them around to welcome the weekend and they stay fresh through the week and make the home all cheerful and a happy space to be in.

I like to scatter them all around the house; kitchen and the washrooms included. And each time we choose a different "vase".A pickle jar, a beer mug, a tea cup, a trifle bowl, a biscuit tin..the list is endless ( Read an earlier post on this here and get some more ideas here).

But what I have observed is much as I like to experiment with the vase I alwayshy away from experimenting with the colours of the flowers. Its always white and whenever there is any colour I like to stick with just one. 

The fact that we are celebrating colours here at purplehomes all this month is a good enough reason to do away with one colour and adorn my home with a  confetti of colourful flowers.

Here are some colourful flower arrangements to help you, if you like me always go with white :) 

Don't they all look gorgeous? I now do know what I am picking up from our neighbor flower market tomorrow :)

Images :  1,2 3 and 4


Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

So pretty Prachi. Enjoy the weekend and the flowers.

Emreen said...

Lovely flowers... Love the riot of colors in each picture... !!