Monday, November 14, 2011

Buzzaria: A store by Blue Lotus

Today I am going to try and not do much talking. I am going to let the pictures talk instead. But before I go into exercising much self control to keep shut, you need to know a little about the fabulous lady behind the store, Mamta.

I met Mamta several years back (at Mumbai) and we exchanged an email. And then we lost touch completely until one day when she wrote to me, "Do we know each other? I was cleaning my inbox and found an email we exchanged" :) 

"Yes. We do",I replied. And its been two years since then(Mamta had moved to Delhi by then). We met, exchanged ideas, got excited just hearing each other's future plans and swore that some day we will find a way to work together (still need to work on that last one:)).

One item on her wishlist was wanting to open her store. And today I am so proud to share these pictures. Yes, people her very own store. Buzzaria (It recently completed 60 days). 

Each and every bit of it is screaming "Mamta". Its such a happy and warm riot of colors and don't even get me started on the detailing. And ofcourse, great products (don't forget to carry that wallet :))

Congratulations, Mamta. Wishing you all the success and happiness in the world.

Lets walk in.

A store you want to move into,forever :)

Read more about it, here
All images : Buzzaria


Neha@ All things beautiful said...

Love all the color:)
I 've got to check it out on my next trip to Delhi.

Srija Padmnanabhan (Chickoo) said...

I want all of them :)

Shanthi said...

I agree with you P, it looks like a wonderful store with lots of goodies to see and own. Hope I will be able to visit it one day when I come to Delhi.

Nayana said... everything colorful..truly Indian.

sapna said...

the store is beautiful with vibrant colors and the warmth of the staff. each item is worth seeing and buying.