Monday, October 17, 2011

More vases from my home

Did you enjoy the last post

Today I bring to you some more ideas...this time from my home. Like I was saying I don't really like using proper vases and am always trying to reuse a lot of other stuff lying around my home as "vases". Here are some pictures that you must have seen on my blog in many different posts over the years. I have put them all together for this post today. Hope you like it.
Pretty dainty green tea cups are perfect for holding a single bloom
Painted bird cage carrying flowers and diyas (I am guilty of buying these so not really reusing them:))
Dip serving bowls hold flowers and are perfect for floating candles too
Yes, thats my trifle bowl doubling up as a vase with big red stones and  some water underneath
A Chai stand works well too
Or use the very common Lota :)
How about the aachar ka martbaan (Traditional Indian pickle jar)?
And finally, a kettle and espresso cups, anyone?

I hope you've been inspired and are already getting ideas. Do remember to look inside your kitchen for many many vases, this Diwali:)

And before I say bye, a reminder.Its the last day to sign up for the all the giveaways : 1,2,3 & 4

Hurry up!

Images : Personal 


Emreen said...

Love the pickle jar and the cups holding flowers in the last picture !!

Patricia Torres said...

Giveaway!! I was nearly going to miss it?? #stressed#

SV said...

Inspiring ideas!!! loved everything here!

Shanthi said...

Lovely inspirations Prachi as always from you. I loved the Achaar dabba and that bird cage is just out of the world.