Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lets Celebrate : third giveaway of the week

Hello lovely people! How are you doing today? A very Happy Dussehra to all of you. What are your plans for the evening? I am going to have my family over for dinner so I intend to spend the entire evening cooking for them and feasting afterwards.

Every year on Dussehra my Dada (paternal grandfather) would get steaming jalebis for everyone. When he passed away my dad started doing it for us. There wasn’t any logic or religious reason behind it but soon it became a family tradition. After I got married I started doing the same:) and now we can’t imagine Dussehra without a plateful of these crispy sticky spirals dunked in sugar syrup! Yum!

So this evening I have requested my dad to get them for us while I have made a tub of creamy vanilla ice cream at home to go with it. Food, family and tealights...
No festival is complete without tealights which brings me to the third giveaway of the week. Trust me you are going to fall in love with this one.

The giveaway is courtesy Afday. An online store that believes in the philosophy that art is for everyone and for everyday. I like that :) is Rashmi Daga’s baby. She is an IIM Ahmedabad alumnus and  has worked and led several sales teams in the past. Her passion for art and marwari genes coaxed her to turn into an entreprenuer with

Wow! I am loving all these lovely ladies I am meeting these days.

Rashmi says, “We believe that “Art” is present in and around our lives in many forms. A statue can be a piece of art and a key ring too can be a piece of art. As they say, it all lies in the eyes of the beholder.We also think that Indian designers and craftsmen - professionals and amateurs are creating the widest and most unique range of Art. This needs to be brought in front of the entire world.  It is also time that we make this easily accessible and in a format which is convenient.These thoughts have resulted in creation of Art for Everyday abbreviated as".

Kudos to Rashmi for doing this. And a big hug for she is going to make one of you folks very very happy. Yes, she is giving away this stunning piece.

An exquisite handmade copper tea light holder
It can hold 3 tea lights and is a perfect gift for your loved ones! Its Copperware top and the wooden base looks gorgeous and I love that matt finish.
It has been handcrafted in the Himalayas. The products come from a Design-led social enterprise based in Uttarakhand. They work with craft and skill-based producer communities and individual entrepreneurs in the region to design, produce and market a range of Furniture, Craft products and Accessories. They received the Design Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2009 by British Council India, Community Youth Collective Fellowship in 2009 and Paragon100, Foundation for Youth Social Entrepreneurship 2009-10.
A great way to encourage the artisans and make them self sustainable. So please remember to visit afday for all your Diwali shopping because not only do they have a great collection but they also support many many artisans.
And now let me tell you how you can make it yours. You are allowed three entries:
1.First entry : Leave me a comment sharing with usome of your offbeat ideas to light up your home during the festival season. Here is mine : Use a bird cage and fill it up with flowers and diyas.
2.Second entry: Become my and Rashmi'friend (by simply clicking on the "follow" widget here and the "like" button on afday's FB Page.Do remember to leave me a comment telling me about it. If you are already a follower on both just let me know and I will put in another entry for you.
3.Third entry: Tweet, Blog or write about this giveaway on your FB wall and leave me a link of the same here.
This giveaway is only for residents of India since Afday currently ships only in India. But the rest of you need not be disappointed you can always participate for your loved one staying here and we promise to mail it to them:)

The last date to participate is 17th October'11 midnight IST. I will announce the winner on the 18th of October’11 so that you get your gifts just in time for Diwali!

Good luck and see you tomorrow for the 4th giveaway. 

To win the Goddess notebooks, go here
To win the gorgeous cushion cover, go here

Image : Afday


Meenakshi sundar said...

Oh!beautiful lighting bring some magic to our festive decor..Even simple serial lights can do wonders...
1.Wrap them around the indoor plants.
2.Stuff them inside a see-through glass jar / vase.
3.Throw them on curtain rods or any diaplay places like book case...voila...welcome the festival in style!!

Reshma at said...

I love these lamps from Afday...they would go so well with the bronze finish lamps that I picked up from Fab India. This year I will be using a bronze peacock lights and lamps for diwali.

I have liked Afday's facebook page as well. Count me in for this!

GB said...

Wow Prachi this is gorgeous! I'd like to enter this giveaway for my sister, she'll just love this! offbeat about painting a rangoli with washable poster paints on the front porch (I don't have rangoli powders, and it gets really windy here!) Thanks for the giveaway!

Emreen said...

Twigs with fairy lights... ; Put some colored pebbles / sand in a glass jar filled with water and use floating tea lights ...

Nitya said...

Again, lovely giveaway.

lighting a lamp or a candle over a bed of marbles gives out lovely patterns and lovelier feelings :)

Sudha said...

your post took me back to our festivals at home in india...hmm..i mmiss home...and about the tealight...they look yum..i admire people like Rashmi who dare to follow their dreams and love what they do :)

So,Confused? said...

I always wait for that time when I can go back home and decorate my house and make it look as pretty as possible:-)

So what I did last Diwali was somewhat vintage combined with lights.
I had an old vintage fan, (inherited from my grandmother)so I decided its high time i use it, and what better way than during a festival. So if you wrap a small string of the regular yellow bulb lights around the blades, switch on the fan on the lowest power possible and then see how room comes alive with the light being reflected on various parts of the room.....It actually looks magical at night!!!!:-) Thanks P for bringing back memories of the same :-)

Sharon said...

Cool stuff, Prachi!
1. I like to put t-lights in coconut shells...especially for lighting up outdoor spaces.


Miss Frangipani said...

For a party, we grouped similar colored bottles on trays and tables and stuck tall candles into them. You could paint the bottles or leave them as is (remove the labels, of course). Paper lanterns adorn our long wrap around verandah during festival time, adding a little bit of exotic glamour to our space and reflects on the street below as well!

Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

Can I enter for my mom in Delhi :-) This is lovely! Liked Afday on facebook. My fav look for Diwali..lotus tea light stakes in a green leafy potted plant.

Nayana said...

Hi Prachi, this one is fab . I like Rashmi's philosophy :)

This year my plan is to use floating candles in baby food jar and will hang them in railings of porch.

Anonymous said...

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A said...

Love, love, love this giveaway. Perfect for the festival season. Please count me in.


Patricia Torres said...

Lovely.. lovely!!

Sound Horn Please said...

Gosh! This giveaway is gorgeous! Off beat ideas? Seen the patterned rangoli tubes? Stuff some serial lights into them and hang them- homemade Moroccan lamps for Diwali :)

Sound Horn Please said...

Obviously already follow Purplehomes! Liked Afday too.

shikhar said...

Filling up shallow glass dishes with different coloured water and shining light through the bottom and see the room light up with beautiful water patterns on the ceiling and walls.

sweetu said...

*Order a wrought iron holder in the shape of a diya with diya holders placed closely in it.Paint it with a bright color and place lighted diyas in the holder and hang it from the balcony .It looks amazing.
*Light bulbs can be wrapped with colored transparent cellophane and it adds a different color to each room.
I like the Afday FB page.Loved the collections.
Tweeted in the link!/mesweetu

Shanthi said...

Following, following Purplehomes :-) and liked the Afday FB page. I am entering all these contests for my niece in India.

Shanthi said...

At Diwali I like to light up the entire outside from the gate to the door with the wax lights we use for parties as we do not get diya's here and going out and filling oil could be cumbersome. entering this for someone special in India :-)