Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lets Celebrate: First Giveaway of the week

Once upon a time, there was this supremely talented lady who for a number of years  "built meaningful content and creative concepts for Web, TV and Radio and played manager". One day she decided to give it all up to start something to make the lives of Indian artists and artisans better and  hers happier :)

Now who doesn’t love a fairy tale like this? And when the story becomes real we love it even more, don’t we?

Meet, Krithika the star of this fairy tale and the lady behind the much loved online store, Shopo. Handmade.Creative.Indian. That is shopo for you. Both the lady and the store need no introduction, I am sure.

Krithika and I have been touch for a couple of months. Let me tell you she writes the sweetest mails :) We’ve been wanting to do something special for all you lovely readers, forever... And then one day we were exchanging mails on festival traditions that we follow or we have created over a period of time...one thing led to another and here we are with the very first giveaway of the "Lets Celebrate" week. 

Krithika says,“Navratri for me meant sundals everyday! There is this particular "Thengai mangai Pattani" sundal my mom makes, it’s a green peas saute with coconut and raw mangoes and it is just out of the world delicious. I gave up crackers when I was ten (against child labour and stuff) and Diwali has always been family visits, Lotto housie games with them, listening to all the narakasura stories over and over again from granny and movies, not to forget all the yummy sweets

See I told you she writes the best emails ever...full of heart warming memories. By the way what does Navratri, Dussehra and Diwali mean to you?

Now I really must stop talking and get acting. Its giveaway time folks! The first one (three more to follow...yay yay)

Krithika is giving away these Goddess notebooks to TWO of you lucky readers (These are A-5 sized journals with lines on one side and blank on the other for writing or doodling)Aren't they perfect? Especially this time of the year.They would make such apt Diwali gifts too. By the way if you are looking for Diwali gifts, shopo has tons of great options, do check them out.

The Kali Notebook
 The Lakshmi Notebook
The Saraswati Notebook

I like the fact that pictures of Goddesses has been used in such a contemporary form and on notebooks. We all know that in India it is customary when a person's foot accidentally touches a book or any written material it is followed by an apology (out of respect) in the form of a single hand gesture with the right hand, where the offending person first touches the object with the finger tips and then the forehead and/or chest. Books equal knowledge and knowledge equals God. That for me works really well here.

These notebooks have been designed by playclan

Which one do you like? I heart the Saraswati one.

Big Thanks to Krithika and to shopo for being a part of this.

Alright now let me tell you how you can win these.You are allowed three entries:
1. First entry : Leave me a comment telling me what is your favourite Navratri, Dusshera or Diwali memory.
2. Second entry: Become my and Krithika’s friend (by simply clicking on the "follow" widget here and the "like" button on shopo’s FB page). Do remember to leave me a comment telling me about it. If you are already a follower on both just let me know and I will put in another entry for you.
3. Third entry: Tweet, Blog or write about this giveaway on your FB wall and leave me a link of the same here.

This giveaway is only for residents of India since shopo currently ships only in India. But the rest of you need not be disappointed you can always participate for your loved one staying here, right? :)

The last date to participate is 17th October'11 midnight IST. I will announce the winner on the 18th of October’11 so that you get your gifts just in time for Diwali!

Good luck and see you tomorrow for another giveaway.

Images : playclan


Meenakshi sundar said...

Oh !My fondest memories of Navrathri...when i was decked up in pattu pavdais(lehenga choli of south!)each day & went abt in our colony showing off my matching accesories on the pretext inviting all for our Golu(Southindian dolls display)!!Those days were mesmerising...I wld love to gift these journals for my daughter who is very good in drawing/painting & loves to doodle ...

Miss Frangipani said...

What beautiful notebooks! I love them all. We don't celebrate the festivals at home, but in our colony the celebrations happened with great gusto. Diwali was all about exchanging sweets with neighbors (and we got so many that we didn't have to eat for days after that).

Sharon said...


Nitya said...

Navrathri...I love this time of the year!
One of my fondest memories is setting up golu which is a seven step platform decorated with a lot of idols and dolls.

These books are so awesome!
Thanks for this giveaway!


Reshma at masalamangomantra.blogspot.com said...

What lovely books Shopo is giving away! My favorite festival is Diwali. Sigh! I wish I lived in India. Good luck!

Nayana said...

Great books!

my fondest memory of Navaratri is we make a hill out of mudd and put mataji on top in our street and decorate and everybody will gather in the evening to do pooja and prasad and do a lil bit of garba as well.

Sandhya Vaidyanathan said...

Growing up in Dubai..My fondest memories of Navrathri, were the beautiful gorgeous sarees my mother would wear on those days, she looked like divine Devi herself.. And the smell of Sundal and mysore pak wafting through the house.. The colourful bomai's ( dolls) in all their glory, stacked beautifully and thematically on the specially decorated Golu paadi(step)...
Diwali was quieter since we were in Dubai, but we were always excited as kids to wear our new clothes, apply oil on our head and eat all the yummy treats made as palaharam( diwali sweets)
Sigh those lovely days.. wish i could relive them all over again!

Emreen said...

diwali... sweets , lights, spending time with family and more...

Ritika Bhandari said...

My most unforgettable Diwali memory has to be Being born on that day!!

It helps that my bday falls on that day as everyone remembers it!!

The diary will definitely make for another wonderful memory!!:)

Disha said...

Diwali has always been a very memeorable festival for me. I love everything about this festival.
Notebooks are lovely.

shikhar said...

My fondest memory of Diwali was when I used to live in Kuwait(in the gulf) and on that particular day all the Indians living around my area had lit up their houses without using absolutely any electricity and it looked absolutely magnificent!


sweetu said...

My fondest memories of Navratris where when we were in college & we used to practice dandia one month before so that we could deliver our best during those nine days.Unforgetable moments. https://twitter.com/#!/mesweetu

sweetu said...

One of my best moments in Navratri was during our college days when we used to go in groups to perform dandia.Those r unforgettable moments.

Patricia Torres said...

Oh lovely!! I like both ur pages!! Tweeted about it now! And my fav navratris would be when I was in university and had the strength to dance the night away for all 9 nights in complete gear and all *sigh* !! the good old days :-)

Shanthi said...

Lovely notebooks. Diwali - Sweets, Fireworks, Pattu skirts, Diya's OH!!! everything is so beautiful around it

Shanthi said...

Followed you on the blog by e-mail and Liked you and shopo on the facebook pages. The books are too good to miss :-)