Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cookies! Really?

I swear these are REAL cookies. Yes I know it will take you a while to believe me. Please take your time.
 Yarn! Embroidery! Now this is some serious talent.
And this one. I mean just look at them. If I ever decide/CAN make cookies like these, trust me everyone will go back hungry. I wouldn't let ANYONE touch these.

Image : here


Anonymous said...

I did see that right the way ;) yummmmm!!!!

Purnima@a creative project said...

These look so pretty!!!

Neha@ All things beautiful said...

Oh my God! I could never eat those...too pretty to touch:)

Sound Horn Please said...

They are Gorgeous Prachi! Reminds me of the rangoli cookies that have been popping up everywhere. I agree- I wouldn't eat them either- sacrilege!

Sudha said...

lovely ..lovely...cant imagine serving these to anyone..lol..they will surely find a place on the display shelf