Friday, August 26, 2011

For mum.

So we celebrated mum's birthday (yesterday) with some homemade rose petal cupcakes.

With a hint of rosewater in the cupcake batter and gallons of it in the icing they were perfect for a hot evening. Do give these a try.

Deep pink rose petals adorning these babies and some sugar making those petals glitter :)

Yes, that's a cupcake stand there.Extremely simple to put together. An inverted egg holder and a small saucer! Yes, that's all, really! Does this make it a DIY post then? :)

Sinful. Oh! by the way do you remember my "Because this makes me happy" list. I made tons and tons of cupcakes this year. The impatient me didn't take enough snaps though. That means, another cross on my list. Yay! 7 done, 2 to start and 2 wip :)

Happy birthday Mom. Love you lots. To many many more glorious and beautiful years.

Images : Personal album


Sudha said...

wishing your mom a wonderful bday and great, happy and peaceful years ahead

Shanthi said...

Yes to many many more glorious and wonderful years to MOM.

Neha@ All things beautiful said...

A very happy birthday to your Mom, Prachi!
Gorgeous pictures! Rose petal cupcakes...ummmmm...Yummy!

Sharon said...

oh how lovely! i think rose is the flavor of the season - everywhere i look and eat:) i taste rose water!
happybday to your mum!

Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

This looks beauty. Wishing your mom a very Happy Birthday and many more lovely years ahead.

So,Confused? said...

How pretty they look ..and how yummy they wud have been am sure:-) a bliss to have you two daughters to celebrate a birthday with:-)

lots of love to you three and the lil girl of the family :-)