Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rooms I heart

I have always been drawn to ivory colored walls when it comes to bedrooms. Somehow,  the creamy walls make me feel calm and zen like. A must when its a place where I retire every night. The color elements always come in the form of spreads, cushion covers, wall art, books, lamps or some trinklets on my dressing unit. Never the color of the wall.

Having said that I find that I really liking this chalkboard bedroom. An extreme choice, right??


I think its the immense love that I have for the chalkboard that is drawing me to it. Don't believe me...just look at the number of posts I have done on chalkboard , right here.

The delicate designs that stand in for the headboard & the carpet are too sweet to be ignored. The multicolored bedspread with those patterned cushions has me salivating. Even though its all very busy and dark in the room, I am still hearting this one. 

What do you think? Can you sleep/dream/find peace in a room like this? 

Another view.

Ah! those frames. 

Image : here


Aneela Z said...

err no because the "desire to document" everything in me will be nervous if she is encouraged to keep score.
also aap ka blog family blog hai warna I would have made jokes about finger nails on the blackboard eech factor

Anonymous said...

At first glimpse I believe there was pictures on that wall, but then I realice, chalk?? Funny :)

Designwali said...


Nayana said...

I won't find peace in this room but I would like that bedding in my cream color bedroom for spring:)

Shivangi said...

loving the quilted color full duvet!!...not sure about the chalk board walls tough...great blog..dropping in a comment for the first time!

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