Monday, July 25, 2011

Retail Therapy lovers

All you Retail therapy lovers, this one is for you. A brilliant idea that I came across while looking for some offbeat yet easily doable wall art.

Save all those gorgeous bags from your shopping expeditions and frame them. Voila!

Yes, it is that simple. I am thinking it will make a fun wall art for an office space. Retail consultants, retail anthropologists, fashion designers, fashion columnists or if you just like to know anything and everything about fashion and want to show the same in your space. What do you think?

Confession time : I know these days I just vanish and resurface without an apology. But trust me when I say I am really sorry and I want you to know that I miss you when I don't see you on the blog or can't visit my favorite blogs. Please be patient, I promise that very soon I will be back with a vengeance :)

These days the story of my life can be summed up with the idiom, " Bitten more than I can chew". Between all the consulting work, writing the regular design columns, working on a new pottery range (Yes, Ruchira I am dying to share it with you!), blogging and working towards my dream project (will share the deets very very soon) I have no clue how, but I landed at the Masterchef India 2011 auditions (actually courtesy lil sis). And after several rounds of cooking, tasting and testing I heard from them last week that I had made it to the Top 100. So let me warn you that I might be away for sometime from the blog world. Wish me luck. I am ofcourse dying to share all the details with you, the lovely people I met there, the amount of talent I got to see and the experiments I am doing in my kitchen these days for the next round. But that will have to wait...perhaps in a brand new food blog...what say! Hey! what did I just say, "bitten more than I can chew" ...okay new blog you will have to wait..wink wink :)

I hope to blog a little this week so drop by and say hello!

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Simran said...

Oh wow!!! Congratulations!!! I am a BIG cooking series fan so all Masterchef series are favourites. Looking forward to see u on TV and All the Best!!!Fingers crossed :)

Simran said...

Hi Prachi, I passed on an award to you :) Details here -

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! Waiting to see u on tv