Monday, April 11, 2011

This morning..I want to be outdoors

This morning the sun decided to be a little kind. There is cool breeze, the flowers are swaying and I too want to be out with them. So I am going to wait for the little one to return from playschool so that we can both go out and have some fun! I am sure her heart wants the same.

But her mum being her mum is actually dreaming of outdoors that look like this.

So I think (dream) the daughter mum duo can start with a lovely lunch here. Those so very picnic-ky red & white checks, fresh flowers & paper lanterns amongst all those greens is just what we need.

Then we will munch some of these juicy carrots.Read a book or two on that colorful chair and then may be just lie down on the grass for a short nap.

Finally we will walk down to this red letter box where some (yes, some!) gifts await us. 

Ah! this was one colorful & happy morning!

Images : here


Puneet Kaur said...

This is so so lovely :)

Sharon said...

simply beautiful images~:)

Patricia Torres said...

Oh my gosh.. these images are gorgeous!! I want to be outdoors too!!

Shanthi said...

Too good Prachi. I don't mind joining the duo :-)

Sound Horn Please said...

The last image needs to be a painting! sigh... It finally feels like summer here- almost! Can't wait to be outdoors too :)