Monday, March 21, 2011


Holi is over. And with that the lovely festival season that started last year with Dussehra. The countdown to Holi had so many beautiful festivals...Dussehra, Diwali, Eid, Christmas, Lohri...I am going to miss them all.

I always think there is a reason why in India we get to celebrate them one after another in winters and say our byes to them come summers. Winter is definitely the more likeable season here and it gives us an opportunity to gorge on yummy goodies  without worrying about the flab (since we have our winterwear to hide behind), plus all those calorie laden dishes are just so easy to digest in the cold weather :)

Come summers, its time to eat healthy & fit in our summer wardrobe so it makes sense for the festivals to bid us bye bye and we get a chance to get ready for the next festival season in these next few months. Makes sense, doesn't it?

So thats my little logic:)

We had a quiet Holi celebration at home with parents. 
A little tikka but with lots of home cooked food.

Whats Holi without some almond sherbet served in pale cream ceramic kulhads? The weather was perfect so we planted ourselves in the balcony and enjoyed the last bit of cool breeze before the bad hot summers arrive:)

Since Holi is a fun festival, the menu had to be FUN too. Chaat party, anyone?
Golgappa shots!

I didn't want to do the usual Bhel puri & Paapdi Chaat (Both very popular & much loved in India). So I made Bhakadwadi chaat, palak chaat & tandoori murgh chaat for the meat lovers in the family. 

Since we had to work so hard to eat so much...some fresh orangey-lemonade with strawberries & mint was the need of the hour.We ended our eating marathon with coconut -rose kulfis served in coconut bowls :)

Holi hai!!  Holi hai!!

I am linking to Patty's weekend wrap up.

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Anpu said...

Lovely...miss Holi and all the fun that goes with it.
Love theh sound of bhakarwadi chaat..will surely try next time
Golgappa shots...I like that!!
The Coconut bowls are beautiful...where can one find them. They are so rustic...very apt for the ambience...

Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

Lovely shots and Happy Holi to you too:-)

Sound Horn Please said...

Love those coconut bowls and the golgappa shot glasses!

Patricia Torres said...

oh.. Prachi.. it can only be Holi in India.. and your pictures are so so gorgeous!! Love all that food...

And you can come visit me anytime... and if you dont mind sleeping in my girls room.. You can even come and stay with me.. We'd be so so glad to have you over.. and I promise to take you shopping.. to all the lovely places.. in Dubai..

And.. the gazebo is torn.. *cries*.. and the pool on the terrace is just that plastic inflatable one.. So dont get disappointed when you come to visit me.. :-)

Thank you for linking in.. Totally made my day!!

Shanthi said...

Orangey lemonade is so very tempting inspite of the cold. Loved the coconut bowls. I too have a whole range of coco things - cup and saucers, bowls and spoons too. And what a coincidence I have the same tray too :-)

Simran said...

Wow! At all the lovely food :) very inspiring!!

MindfulMeanderer said...

:) love the gogappa shots & the bhakarwadi chaat!! I'm going to steal these ideas for my next party. Where did u buy the coconut bowls from?

purplehomes said...

Anpu : Please do try and let me know how it came out. I got those bowls from Goa. They are actually with the stem just like a wine glass & used for drinking fenny:)

Anu : Thanks! Learning from you :)

SHP : Oh yes! Shots were a fav that mess..pure bliss

Patty: Its always a pleasure to join your link parties :) Oh yes please...I must plan something very soon and meet you :) That pool doesn't look plastic at all. You have a way with snaps...i must say. Plastic or not...I am loving the gazebo & the pool. I can imagine how it must hv upset you to see the torn gazebo..lots of luck for redoing it.

Shanthi : what fun..same stuff..both were a gift from my sis.

Simran : Glad you are enjoying your stay at purplehomes :)

MM: Please go ahead! And do share how they turned out. I got them from Goa to drink fenny :)

Ambika said...

Lovely images! Such beautiful pictures of the food, mouthwatering really :) A belated Holi wish to you.

Sharon said...

Wow Prachi - that sounds like a fun holi menu! I didnt know there were non veg chats - I will be buzzin you for a recipe soon:)

The coconut rose kulfi sounds delish!All my cravings seem to come on me suddenly as I read your post! :)

purplehomes said...

Ambika : thanks for your wishes.

Sharon: yes please...anytime:)