Monday, February 21, 2011

And now for some red

I have always felt shy of using red in the house.Red for me always translates into something really bold which I may not be able to live with for a very long time. But when I came across Design Consultant Ellen O'Neill's work I was smitten.

This softer side of red got me thinking and I' like to share some glimpses of this stunning & weathered home with you. Get ready for an ample dose of red goodness.

Pale red stripes & checks for the bedding. 
That lovely wicker basket to store all the red sheets. 
God! there are even red slip-ons to match the room. Pretty ain't it?

This time its red prints that find their way into the guest room. She says working with a restrained palette in red & white makes shopping for bedsheets & other linen easier. You can use any sheet - any curtain in any room :)

Can the accessories be anything but red? Isn't this Chinese lantern to die for?

Faded red has never looked so good. 
The urns, the slipcovers. the two reds are the same


Loving those red floor cushions. And that dog...awww!

Ah! How about for some stripey love in the bathroom?


Even the outdoors have a hint of red. Love that hammock!

To see more of this ethereal home jump right here.

How about you? Can you live with one color (of course in varying shades) through out your home? What color would it be?

Images : here


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Reshma said...

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