Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January Fetish!

I love all kinds of crafts but there is one that I don't/can't see myself going close to. Sewing. 

Having said that I would like to admit that I like to collect ( always safe to use a word like collect, makes me less of a hoarder!) pretty threads in various textures & colors. What I like to do with these babies is anybody's guess. Use them around the home to create simple yet striking vignettes. 

A jar full of spools of threads in pastel colors, pretty flowers to keep them company & books of your choice. There, you just made yourself a stunning arrangement.

Combine crates with doilies and threads on a wall.Vintage at its best!

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Images :  here & here


Shanthi said...

Awesome!!! such a cool summery arrangement.

Patricia Torres said...

collect & hoarder are very close to each other really...

Laura said...

LOL Patricia. Too true!

The threads on display are pretty. Gives me an idea for sewing room open storage...

I love those rustic boxes hung on the wall, too.