Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wreath Love

You know my love for the understated. Around this time when the virtual world & some of the markets close to where I live are full of red, green & bling I came across these. And thought I was in design heaven.

Awww....delicate, white, twinkling with fairy lights. Can a wreath be more charming? I love how the doilies have been used here. Do you feel like giving this a try? 

Or may be you would like this outside your door. This gorgeous piece is created with an old book, some glue & some glitter. Get the instructions here

Did I hear, no way am I going to be able to create those? Well, then for you my love I have the simplest & sweetest wreath ever. We know how to cut squares right? Get some felt & the wreath is yours. Read the tutorial here

And in some other news. Sometime back I was interviewed by fixr (They are coming to India now). If you'd like to know the purple blogger a little more, go right here.

View my interview at Fixr
Have a great day.

Images : 1, 2 & 3


Rekha said...

Congrats Prachi, You are a star! Enjoyed reading your interview :)

GB said...

Loved the interview--especially your "not normal" day---trust me, it sounds very normal to me!


Patricia Torres said...

I like the collection.. very pretty.. I'm off to check your interview now.. You are a little celebrity!!

Clara in Paradise said...

Congrats on the interview.

Those wreaths are just darling, specially the doily one.

Aneela Z said...

The interview was wonderful!
Ok when it comes to this post everything is nice but I draw the line at tearing old books, how sacrilegious, tauba tauba. Waisey, you should visit the Southern Hemisphere during Christmas, all thinks purple and silver rather than red and gold.

purplehomes said...

Thanks everyone!