Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pretty Pink please.

I lurve food. Cooking & Eating. I must try a new recipe every other day. I spend almost all my money on buying china & kitchen appliances.

I invite people over purely for selfish reasons; I want to spend many many hours browsing through cookery books, my dairies, planning menus and finally trying them out for my loved ones. 

Of course kitchen has to be my most favorite place in the world. Now in an ideal world I really can't imagine working in a PINK kitchen. But then when did the world ever become ideal. So I am dreaming of working in two very different pink kitchens today.

Barely there pink. With lots of white. Love love love that refrigerator. The bright red kettle & the weighing scale. And finally the gorgeous black & white print. Drool.

Need/want another view.

Stunning. Deep Fuchsia on the wall. With that lovely woody contrast. Whats a kitchen without a gorgeous chandelier? :)) Me wants! I may just go and paint my rack a bubble gum blue like here. Someone stop me!

Which one do you like? Do you see yourself working in one of these?

Take your time to answer that question while I host/attend my little sister's birthday party. Busy-buzzy-fun day. Busy-buzzy-fun night.

Happy birthday P...muaah!

See you tomorrow.

Images : 1,2 & 3


Bhavna said...

Sigh! These kitchens are a girl's dream come true! Love the last one.

And Happy B'day to Prachi's little sister!

GB said...

Oooh that kettle is adorable! I like the fridge too!

Aneela Z said...

prachi i hold you responsible for my living in a flat in dhaka which is fuchsia, and I have to tell you it aint fun!!
ok if i have to choose the first one then.

Sound Horn Please said...

Love Love that deep fuchsia wall and the vignette. I have saved the image for future inspiration. Thanks Prachi :)

Purvi said...

I think i like the second one better.. its more bright and vivacious :) :)
And i agree... Whats a kitchen without a gorgeous chandelier?

PreeOccupied said...

Girlie! Happy Birthday to your leeteel sista!

purplehomes said...

LITTLE sister says BIG thank you. We had a lot of fun...a bonfire - kathi roll party on a terrace :)

Aneela : Now must share the pic with me..btw DH was posted for 3 months at Dhaka...wish I could have come down & met sure would have been a lot of fun

Aneela Z said...

Three months? P had mentioned he was in town but I thought it was a one week thing. Three months is a long long time, I would have loved some company and Dhaka is a nice place for someone with an "artistic soul". Im sending you a fransheep request now so I can email you a pic of the kitchen.

The Cute Corner House said...


I wish to be like you n serving with those menu plans n all that..but sadly me ain't a good cook :-(
Can manage somethings thats all..not kitchen proud.

I loved the 2 nd n 3rd kitchens eye candy

PS - Belated? happy Birthday to your sister

purplehomes said...

Aneela : It was only the DH. We never managed a visit there. Fransheep request has been accepted :)

TCCH: Welcome here! Sis says thank you. And yes home delivery works well too :))