Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas Indeed!

We had a lovely Christmas. S & I had some of our close friends home and the famous "little sister". It was a twinkling evening filled with candles, flowers, food and laughter. Some Christmas cheer from my home for you. 

See you tomorrow with the last fetish post of the year 2010.

I am linking this to thekeybunch Xmas Carnival & Emreen's blog party.

Images : Personal Collection


Sharon said...

lovely pics prachi!

Sound Horn Please said...

Love that Nagaland pot Prachi :) h Wish a very happy New year to you and your family!

GB said...

It looks lovely Prachi! Looks like you had a great time---hope it lasts to the new year and beyond!

Anu Gummaraju said...

Cream IS one of my fave colours! Love the way it looks in all your pics! Awesome! Have a very happy new year's eve and a great year ahead!

Emreen said...

Luv the red and white themed decor at your home... sooo christmasy...!!
Thanks for linking to the blog party...!!! Advanced wishes for a great & successful New Year!!!

purplehomes said...

thanks for all the lovely words & wishes