Friday, December 10, 2010

December Fetish!

Ten days of the last month have also flown by. I am getting a little nervous. I don't like it when time flies so fast :) Slow down Mr. December. 

I was just looking at the different things that caught my attention this year and I found it to be a funny mix of vintage telephones, books as decor, dainty teacups,baskets that double up as decor & storage, my eternal love typewriters, glowing lanterns, maps old & new, gorgeous glass bottles & creating photo galleries.

Now thats quite a list. Wonder what will be next year like? 

But before that I still have a pleasant December to dream about. Ladders it will be the dreams tell me. My heart agrees.

I'd like to begin with getting a little bit of the outdoors inside. The distressed ladder, white ceramic planters and the pretty flowery towel makes such a fine picture. See that vintage suitcase display in the background, dreamy!

If you like the modern, clean right angled lines. This is for you.
A customized ladder for your greens.
Which one do you heart?

Images : 1 & 2


Gypsy Purple said...

What a lovely post!

Sudha said...

clean and minimal one it is!..u are so right about the december and infact the entire year has zoomed past :)

Rekha said...

ooh I loved the 2nd one, orchids and ladder - what a combo!

Sharon said...

Dreamy indeed!:) At the end of the year, do post your best fetish pics as well:) It would be a great finale to your wonderful fetish series this year

And I really look forward to more of your wonderful posts next year!!

SV said...

Great post! loved the planters in the ladder.

Thendral said...

Wow! wonderful!!!

PreeOccupied said...

Look at those orchids. And I love that ladder shelf, been eying one for a long time.

Sound Horn Please said...

We had a green ladder just like that at home! Nostalgia!

purplehomes said...

Thank you ladies! Glad you enjoyed the post.

Sharon: Lovely idea! Will do for sure.