Monday, November 22, 2010

The week that was

Finally I am back...I can't believe I have been away for one whole week. So here I am wishing each one of you a beautiful monday and a very very fruitful week ahead.

Last week was a great experience. I spent time with some great women who were smart, enthusiastic and translating each of their dreams into reality. And these were dreams that they lived for others. I am a consultant for an organization whose aim is to create a million jobs for the rural women in developing countries primarily in the handicraft sector and since the last nine months or so we had been working on developing a new product for the rural women of Sevapuri ( A village near Varanasi) and the last week was special because we finally saw some kind of success and in the months to come we see a lot of action happening :) I am SO HAPPY.

I know its a little too late to announce this here but the crazy schedule didn't leave with me enough time to post this earlier. We also worked with Ode to Earth, "a national initiative of ACCESS Development Services to link small producers to mainstream markets. Under this initiative, ACCESS is bringing together a national network of producer groups, NGOs and other organisations & networks to provide services that help and facilitate its member organisations to access mainstream markets through well-structured business development services and processes."

I got a wonderful chance to help the participants with visual merchandising & sales training ( 55 of them!) and it was such a humbling experience to meet each one. They were at Delhi to participate in a market fair...each one from very diverse backgrounds with handcrafted treasures from all the corners of the country. 

Don't be mad but today is the last day of the market for those of you who can take out some time on a  Monday please do drop in.

And on a very very happy note, I bumped into my favorite teacher from school after 13 long years! We didn't get the time to sit down but exchanged numbers and I am so looking forward to meeting her very very soon. And guess what...she remembered me! Could this week get any better?

Yes, it could and it did as I have news about the little one :) She was so great. I was out for 4 days..early morning to night. The first day my mum tells me she sat at the door all day long, waiting for her mum to get back. But she didn't cry! By the time it was day two she knew mama had gone to "Offees" and then DH joined her. She played and laughed all day and when I would get back from work madame IGNORED me big time because she was very very busy:) I had to ask her to look at me..he he...oh! when did she grow so big and why so fast? 

Thanks for all those lovely & encouraging comments...not seeing her for so many hours made it easier:)

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Clara in Paradise said...

Sounds like you were having a grand time, all while doing something worthwhile. Good for you.

GB said...

I love what you're doing---best of luck to you and your sevapuri project!

LOL your little missy---kids do the darndest, cutest things!! Hope you've "made up" to her!


Sound Horn Please said...

I've been wondering where you've been! I just realized that I missed reading the By the window post. All the best with the project and the fair :)

Patricia Torres said...

oh they grow!! they grow too fast.. I know.. the feeling for sure!! The attitude just get bigger.. cute.. but BIG..

I love what you are doing.. I think its awesome.. Time so well spent.. I am so so proud of you Prachi.. I really am!!

purplehomes said...

Clara-GB-SHP-Pats: Yup! The project is really amazing & I am having so much fun working on it. Plus the satisfaction of being able to contribute to something worthwhile.