Tuesday, November 23, 2010

November Fetish!!

As promised I am back and this time with our very beloved "Black Telephone". If you found the pink instrument series cute then read on. This one will take you back to those good old days when trunk calls were made and all we had were three minutes to talk.

I like how the phone has been used as a decor accessory here. The instrument without the number dial, black tea in the vintage china, that awesome map playing the role of a table runner...hmmm..

Oh! Bye bye love. Bye bye sweet caress! Wouldn't it be so much fun to dig out that scrabble and leave a message for a loved one...like THIS :) Hello happiness!

I don't need words to describe this. Enjoy!

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Image: 1,2,3 & 4


Rekha said...

the pics took me back to those bygone years :) nice post prachi

PreeOccupied said...

From pink to black. These were so heavy! We had one in our home too.

Patricia Torres said...

*sigh* what amazing pics.. honestly!! I'm loving your series..

Sound Horn Please said...

Welcome back Prachi! You've taken me back in time :) We had one just like this. Thanks for the dose of nostalgia :)

GB said...

Love the second picture! Yup, we had one too---(probably still there somewhere in my mom's boxes of stuff!!!)the good ol' black rotary phone! heh!