Friday, November 12, 2010

November Fetish!

Tring Tring....yes its the good old telephone that has caught my fancy this month. And since we are two girls at home why not start with a little pink :) vignettes created with books, magazines, beads, stoles and butterflies. Flutter. Flutter. Thats my heart not the butterflies.

Remember the good old black telephone....he comes as a decor accessory in my next fetish post. He couldn't have come before the pink lady, right? Old world charm & etiquettes still exist.

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PreeOccupied said...

Haha! You are crazy. And this is a great find. Love the pink.

Patricia Torres said...

oh so gorgeous.. Where do you get these awesome images from!??

stymied said...

Hi, lovely images. I've had a fetish for the old style phones for a while now.. you have nay idea where we can find the old black ones nowadays?

GB said...

Funny how the old stuff we thought was "clunky" is making a comeback? Now one of those really old lift the mouthpiece vintage-y type of phones would be something!

Wonder if I should hang on to my older versions of cell phones---god know when they'll be "retro-cool".!!!! :)

loke they say "allo, allo"!

purplehomes said...

Pree: Its only recently that I am finding myself getting attracted to all things vintage

Patty: :)

Stymied: flea markets or scrap dealers..may be

GB : good idea..someone get me that nokia brick now!