Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ikea? No Mykea!

I came across this really interesting website called thisismykea. They offer designer adhesives for your Ikea furniture and not only this they take it a step forward by giving you the option of turning into a designer by uploading your fav pics and getting them converted into furniture stickers. 

Want more? You can even download a designer kit from their site and create designs for them! You get a ten percent for every sticker sold!

The site is beautifully designed and categorized, by furniture, by design and by color.

Their story : "After a long and tedious day of shopping in a local Ikea store, we returned to the office. Tired and unwilling to do so we finally unpacked the Ikea furniture and started with the hellish job of putting them together. After we finished and looked at our assembled Ikea furniture, we came to the dire conclusion that our office would consist of three colours, or the lack thereof. White, white and black! Then someone said; wow, this looks kinda naked."
Hence, their slogan: say NO to NAKED Furniture
Read more about them here.
Images :  here


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