Friday, October 22, 2010

To market! To market!

Dastkar is back!! Remember my post on it in February? So I am off to shop and make the most of it! For those of you at Delhi do take out some time and visit the handmade heaven.

Also, running is the Shilpotsav (The annual fair of artisans from all across the country) at Dilli Haat. Delhi is so much fun!!

Mark your calendars : 

21st - 31st October, 2010, Delhi Nature Bazaar, Venure: IGNCA, 1, C.V. Mess, Janpath (Opp. National Archives, adjoining India Gate Lawns)

16th October-28th October: Shilpotsav 2010, Dilli Haat, INA.

Image : here


GB said...

waaahhhh I miss delhi! :(

This is also the time when the trade fair opens up in pragati maiadan...I know it's really crowded,and maybe not the "in" thing to do any more but we used to visit wayyy back when there were no other craft fairs around, and we scored major steals out there as well + the food at the rajasthan and kashmir pavillions is to die for! Do you go?

Sound Horn Please said...

Oh yes! I do envy you delhi-ites :( Do write up a post after your visit too- let me enjoy the goodies from far away!

Sudha said...

wow..have loads of fun and come back with stuff to show us :)

Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

Hi Prachi,I am all set to see them all. Will miss the Dilli Haat one. Do you know when the Blind School mela is? Will call you after I settle in.

PreeOccupied said...

How I miss all these places. Btw, I have a question for you. For my pottery, I am planning to use Indian motifs for texture, can you suggest where in Delhi can my family pick those wooden moulds used for Block Printing?

Anonymous said...

Sounds so good- do share your steals and deals!

reanaclaire said...

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purplehomes said...

GB: I used to go there every year in school but over the years it became more of commodities fair than a craft year so i stopped going.Now its only the international section of the handicrafts that I like to go to.

Divya & Sudha: Sorting out the snaps...will post them soon

Anu: Blind school mela usually starts a week prior to Diwali. Will let you know:) Yes, do do do call!

Pree: Though these days most big stationery shops have started keeping blocks but my fav have always been this store at Karol Bagh, it a huge crafts store. Let me dig out the name. Alternatively you could try kalpana alpana at sarojini nagar. Also I couldn't stop myself from writing, you will need to make clay blocks using the wooden ones first. Though I am sure you already know this:)

Priya: Yes yes, v v soon!

Claire: Glad you liked the blog.