Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October Fetish!!

Hello there! Are you having fun using books as decor accessories.I sure am!

So bring out those old novels...the ones that have several dog ears...the ones that have yellowed over time...the ones that you just want to open and they still smell of the decades gone by...Isn't this the sweetest vignette ever. I like that tea towel detail.

How perfect is this vignette for someone who loves to click! Several books of the same subject & a camera to tie it all together. I see my cookery books all tied up with twine with miniature martabans ( vintage pickle jars) on top...what about you?

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Images: 1 & 2


Sound Horn Please said...

Tying up the cookery books with twine is such a fab idea! I can already picture it...

purplehomes said...

SHP: Now to make some space for it in the kitchen:)