Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October Fetish!

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Fetish time! Yay! This month I am looking for stunning table vignettes created with books. Books needn't be only kept in bookshelves. And since they tell you so much about the person reading them I think its great if we can give them a role to play in the decor of our homes. What do you think?

Before I show you some drool worthy vintage combined with books looks, a little reminder to all those who are working on their Because this makes me happy list. Come on people make those lists fast! And for those you missed my post, read it here and join us.

Back to those Fetish posts.

This one has three of my loves, a vintage typewriter, books & the vintage table-fan .
How good can things get?

Ah! Time to ask my parents for all those gorgeous vintage suitcases that my grandparents lovingly passed to them. I have a feeling it will be tough convincing them to part with those! And the books in complementary colors just ties the whole vignette together. Doesn't it?

Now I couldn't have got a better picture to close this post. The table-fan & the suitcase come together with dainty bottles & ofcourse the pretty patterned books. Ah!

How about you? Do you like to display your books around the house and tie them in with the rest of the decor? I sure do!

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