Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Daskar : Nature Bazaar 2010

By now all of you know how I wait eagerly for the Dastkar fair every year...twice a year. Two times more fun.This time wasn't any different. It was colorful & charming. Full of treasures. Bursting with talent. 

Let me take you there.

A  vibrant tent welcomes you. 
 Comfy charpais (beds) mudas & kursis (stools & chairs) for the tired feet.

The gorgeous structure standing you a hint of things to come? 
Of all things handmade & earthy...

Oh yes! It was really a CARNIVAL

This is the designer's wing. This time around many of my friends & clients set up their stalls and I sure loved meeting them all & ofcourse wishing them luck for the fair

Aren't they majestic? Grrr...

Don't show me that tongue. I will still call you cute since the little one insists you are baby!

Now if that isn't a treasure trove then what is? Don't miss out the HUGE jhaali lantern.
 I am sure this year its going to light many homes.

Can you think of any Indian kitchen complete without these? 
I like the way it was casually "displayed" on the ground

Thats the procession. The dhol beating, lights twinkling, ethnic costumes...What an atmosphere! 
Hundreds of people cheering them & trying hard not to join them:)

Out of the world-multi-hued-kantha-vintage suitcases. Ofcourse they stole my heart! 
Watch out for a designer post on this in the near future.
Check out those babies on the right. Aren't they so lovable?

You are not going to be believe this but trust me when I tell you that these intricate patterns are handcut!
Yes, every single piece! Will carry another detailed post on this soon.

My first love. Studio Pottery from Andretta. I happened to meet Mansimran Singh ji (His father Gurcharan Singh ji is the FATHER of blue pottery and he is continuing the tradition) about three backs and let me tell you he is such a gentleman. He has almost this saint like glow around him.

Look at these beauties! And this larger than life wicker basket. Perfect for a large outdoor space.

Always a favorite, the sargam bells. 

Ah! that tall lantern from Orissa was the cynosure of many a eyes 
These pretty baskets always manage to look good in any kind of space. Don't they?

Trash always attracts me! 
And when it translates into bags made from discarded cassettes...they leave me spell bound

Oh! These hand painted glass bottles could easily replace art in your living rooms. 
Check out the detailing.

Tealights on Bamboo sticks. Perfect for those outdoor parties. 
And these toys...I have a feeling they are going to jump off that table anytime. Aren't they speaking to you as well?

And finally these lovelies. These are pickles, gun powders, et al from Andhra Pradesh for sale. And they were SPICY! And yummy-licious. But thats not what I am showing you here. Do you see what I see?The fabulous packaging. The ceramic jars with the kalamkari fabric on top were to die-for.

Ah! Until next year. 

For my steals...ah! thats another post!

All images : Personal Collection.


MindfulMeanderer said...

What a visual treat this post has been :) I'm drooling over the hand painted glass bottles. Love each one. Please post more pics..

GB said...

Thanlks for sharing Prachi--I felt like I was there with you!

Waiting for the steals!

Sound Horn Please said...

Finally- I've been waiting for this post! I want the kantha work trunk and the painted glass bottles and the tealights on bamboo and some andhra gun powder and the sargam bells! I think I want everything! Wish I'd been there!

Shanthi said...

Wow!!!! Hats off to our artisans and they make India proud. Now I know when my next visit to India should be. Please inform on your blog when will be the next one. Just fell in love with everything and such a visual treat. Just can't control the feeling to posess them all :-).

Bedazzled said...

Sigh.. wish i were there ! love everything !!!

Patricia Torres said...

Prachi.. I am so so envious.. I so want to spend that weekend with you.. I could spend a few days there I think.. wow!!

Loved to see all the pottery as well..

Clara in Paradise said...

So many goodies! I would have needed a wheelbarrow in the end. :)

purplehomes said...

So happy all of you enjoyed the pics! I am already excited for the next one in feb:)

Pooja said...

Thanks a ton for this Prachi. Next time I will plan my Delhi visit during Dastkar.