Monday, September 20, 2010

A weekend full of cartons!

Hello Everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was filled with happiness! Happiness & feeling good of a different kind! Remember how I really wanted to de-clutter my home this month. I just wasn't getting the time to do, home and the little one left with me no time.

So on Saturday my sister decided to stay over and give me company. After dinner I put Sara to sleep and we were women on a mission. Yes! We spent the entire night de-cluttering & chatting! Are you shocked? Don't be? We are crazy women! Having her around to help me made it so much fun! We gossiped and laughed and did lots of work as well! We didn't spare any cupboard, any drawer...even the lofts were taken to task! 

Come morning, we were two very happy-dust covered girls with cartons to be disposed and donated all around us! We also had lots of detailed lists of what went in each loft lest I forget and I did decide to keep some of the "trash" in the house. I intend to give those pieces a makeover. So be ready to see lots of DIY projects in the coming weeks.

So there. 

Sunday was spent begging Sara to sleep so that we could too! But she had different plans :) Have a great week! See you tomorrow!

P.S. This morning I got a mail from Aarohi. Most of you are familiar with her awesome work. I wrote about her work & two others in this month's Andpersand and it was really sweet of her to mention the same on her blog. See it here

p.p.s Hey! I am not sure If I mentioned this to all of you but Its been a while that I started writing for a couple of magazines and its been so much fun. Will be posting my earlier articles on the blog soon! Hopefully they will make a good read for all you design & art lovers:)

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GB said...

Nothing like having your sister around to help! You must be feeling so good--it feels great to declutter...i did this spring, but now I'm itching to have another go at it (my fall clean-up bug!)

(PS: sorry for the confusion, but it wasn't my birthday!) :)

A. Naik said...

Its such a great feeling to have everything cleaned... what a relief ... but for someone like me the relief lasts only few days and back to mess again...:-)

Patricia Torres said...

gosh Prachi!! you write for magazines as well.. You are way too talented.. !!

Oh... and I thought I was the only mad one about decluttering.. Next time.. I know who to call for help!!

Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

Sounds like my kind of day. Great news about the writing!

purplehomes said...

GB: oh yes it was way too much fun!! i think its the festival season that begs us to clean up the mess..:) he he..i gathered was your husband's bday...please do convey my best wishes to him

A: well, this was a different kind of mess that will take some years to accumulate so i think i am done for a while:)

Pats: he he...thanks for those lovely words..just a great opportunity...oh yes pl...i am just a call away!!

Anu: thanks! me happy happy